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The Americas are made up of North, South and Central America.

North America

The North or United States of America is the third largest country in the world, with coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and borders with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Due to its vast size, it has many diverse landscapes, climatic conditions, and cultural traditions. Geographically, the mainland (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) consists of a vast central plain, with mountains to the west and hills and low mountains in the east. Mainland USA is commonly referred to as the “the contiguous 48” or “the lower 48,” meaning the 48 States that lie between Canada and Mexico. 

The United States has the largest economy in the world, controlled almost completely by the private sector. About 14 million workers in the United States are foreign. Global workers and visitors are attracted to the US to see natural wonders, cities, historic landmarks and entertainment venues, as well as recreational activities and holiday areas. Important Technology Business Cities include San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Boston, Seattle and Cincinnati which are all famed for innovation.

Central America & The Caribbean

Central America includes countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as Caribbean Islands such as Jamaica, Haiti and Turks and Cacos. 
Mexico - In many places the infrastructure is good, quality health care abounds, and it can all be had at a fraction of the cost of living in the U.S.  The long-standing U.S. expat presence has paved the way for newcomers, and there are plenty of the same U.S. franchises and name brands that foreigners recognize. Yet despite its U.S. influence, these countries maintain a rich culture that many say has been lost in other expat havens, such as countries in Europe.  The immigrants claim the countries are alive with possibility and a vibrance that just isn’t found anywhere else right now. More people from the U.S. have moved south of the border than Mexicans have moved north.

Costa Rica has been named the world's happiest country and its health care system is amongst the best in the world. Costa Rica is safe, politically stable, and enjoys year-round warm weather, although the higher Central Valley is even milder than the tropical coasts.

Jamaica, with 2.8 million people, is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. It remains a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. It is the liveliest, most captivating and most compelling island in the English-speaking Caribbean – and among the most beautiful too. It has the beaches and the hotels, but Jamaica also has more depth, with culture in its history, art and of course its music. The Caribbean experience is stronger here – Jamaica takes familiar strains from around the Caribbean and amplifies them.

Turks & Caicos - In one word we can tell you why people move here: water. It's beyond amazing. The most populated of the Turks and Caicos is Providenciales (aka Provo). Residency and work permits are easy to navigate, and there are plenty of business opportunities.

South America

South America is a continent with great geographical and cultural diversity, and over 200,000 American and other nationality expatriates live there. Brazil and Argentina own the region's most prosperous economies and host the largest number of American expatriates. Other popular locations for expats are Ecuador, Chile, Peru, and Venezuela.

Argentina offers many excellent options for long-term living, with expats residing throughout the country, and not only in Buenos Aires. Many fall in love with the mystique and cultural vibe of Buenos Aires, "the Paris of South America," and choose to stay permanently. It is the easiest area to live in Argentina as an expat, with a large community that includes many foreigners and locals who speak English. 

Brazil - More than the top destination for Carnival celebrations in the world, more than a location for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil is gaining ground as a top relocation destination as well... for those who can afford it. There are bilingual International schools located throughout the country, but they are primarily attended by children of diplomats and very wealthy Brazilian families. The country is immense and the culture famously vibrant, with an incredibly diverse population; it would be difficult to get bored in the vast and varied country of Brazil.

Ecuador continuously battles nearby Panama for top billing as the world’s best place to retire. The country’s economy is stable and growing, The friendly and welcoming Ecuadorians are thriving, enjoying better lifestyles than previous generations.

Capumen Executive Recruitment have made placements across the Americas from California, New York, Panama and El Salvador and range from:

  • Integration Network Engineer EMEA, USA
  • Lead Interaction Designer, USA
  • CEO, Panama & El Salvador
  • Business Development Director, Haiti
  • E-Commerce Architect, St. Lucia
  • Head of Product, Jamaica

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